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Marketing The Messiah is a documentary about how a messy, confused, fringe Jewish cult turned into Christianity as we know it today.


Cameron Reilly: History Detective, Host and Writer

  • known for groundbreaking podcast series on Napoleon, Alexander, Julius and Augustus Caesar and the Cold War
  • popular with a huge base of history fans all over the world
  • podcasts have been downloaded millions of times
  • researched ancient history for decades
  • Email:
  • Phone: +61 498 015 853



Torsten Hoffmann: Producer and Distributor

  • Distribution expert with international clients including Netflix, Discovery, NatGeo, NBCUniversal
  • Several documentary (co-) productions
  • Kickstarted, wrote, co-directed and produced this Bitcoin documentary which became a viral hit in 2015 and won four international awards
  • Shares a nickname with “The Hoff”


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