Dear Angry Christian Person…

Thank you for expressing how angry you are about our film. I know you haven’t watched it yet, because if you had, you’d know that it’s quite Christian-friendly and there is no reason for you to be so upset. However, please refer below for answers to the most common Christian complaints we have received.

1. “This is just another angry atheist film.” – nope, it actually has a bunch of Christian PhD biblical scholars in it.

2. “The poster is offensive.” – Why? Because Jesus is smiling? There’s plenty of Christian art where he’s smiling. Or is it because he’s getting his hair done? That’s what worries you? Do you think he never got a haircut or had his beard trimmed?

3. “The title is offensive.” – Why? Because we’re suggesting the concept of a Jewish messiah was changed and then marketed to Gentiles? Well that’s obviously what happened. If that’s offensive, take it up with St Paul. He’s the one who did it, not me.

4. “This film is mocking God / Jesus / Christians.” – nope, it actually has a bunch of Christian PhD biblical scholars in it talking about the bible and early Christianity.

5. “Why don’t you make a film about Islam?” – Because I live in a predominantly Christian country and because it’s the biggest religion in the world, so it’s the one I’m most interested in.

6. “You should change <see one of the above things> if you want me / Christians to watch it.” – Look, we always knew there would be some Christians like you who would get their noses out of joint over one of the above things. We have tried to make a secular history documentary about early Christianity that would be factual and entertaining for both Christians and non-believers. But we’ve been around long enough to know you can’t please everyone and it’s a waste of time trying. So if you can’t get past one of the above five things, then that’s okay – don’t watch the film. You probably wouldn’t like it anyway. It’s not for you. It’s for Christians who aren’t so sensitive and have a sense of humour. Their faith isn’t so easily threatened.

7. “These so-called ‘experts’ don’t know what they are talking about.” – Nearly everyone in our film has a PhD in either New Testament or Ancient History. They have devoted their lives to studying this subject. If you think you or your pastor knows more about the history of early Christianity, then please contact us and we’ll invite you and/or your chosen expert onto our Marketing The Messiah podcast to tell us why our scholars are wrong.

If you have a sensible objection that doesn’t fit into one of these six categories, please contact us and we’d genuinely like to hear from you.


PS to the angry atheists who don’t think we should have had so many Christian scholars in the film, please get a grip and walk away from your keyboard for a while. Get some sunshine. Read a novel. And get over yourselves.