Well it’s been nearly a month since our funding campaign finished and we’ve been pretty busy. We now have a long and solid list of global scholars that we will be interviewing over the next six months. The plan is to start filming the Aussies in June and July, then we’ll head to the U.S. and U.K. (and maybe Israel) later. Meanwhile, our friend, Spanish maestro Jofre Horta Antoniou, has agreed to compose some music for the film! And we’ve been reaching out to our backers, fulfilling our rewards from the Kickstarter campaigns. Thanks to everyone who sent us links to mainstream media articles about whether or not Jesus existed over the Easter period – it certainly seems like there is a growing public appetite for more information on the subject! And we’ve set up a Patreon site for the people who want to support the project but missed out on the Kickstarter campaign.