On Oct 1, 2015, four years ago exactly, I got an email from Torsten Hoffman.

“Dear Cameron,

I am a listener of your Life of Cesar and Napoleon podcasts, a native
German, Melbourne-based, serial media entrepreneur, startup guy – and
more recently an award-winning filmmaker. We connected on LinkedIn 6
years ago and I wanted to see whether you would be interested to
cooperate on a documentary.”

His original idea was to make a film that talked about the commonalities between Julius Caesar and Jesus Christ, something I’d talked about on the podcast (Francesco Carotta, etc). I convinced him that a less fringe film about the history of early Christianity would be a better idea.

Well this week we finished the film and today I hung the poster on my wall. Now we just need to take it to market.

Thanks, Torsten, for getting us started on this crazy journey.