As you know, we ran a second Kickstarter campaign late last year to help us finish the film, and I’m VERY PLEASED to be able to let you know that we finished shooting the film yesterday! I spent three days in Melbourne with Torsten and our new crew and we got it done. And I have to say – IT LOOKS TERRIFIC. Our new crew were fantastic and went above and beyond to get the best possible result with the limited time and budget we had. So the timeline from here is that we should have a rough edit completed in a few weeks. Then we will spend another month tweaking that, adding the music and the animations, etc. Then it should be ready to take to market and hope someone will buy it. And then we can show it to you! So thanks for your support and patience. This process takes a LOT longer than I realised. However – I am very excited about the film. I truly think it’s an original and fresh approach to a VERY old subject and it’s going to stand the test of time.