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On 18 Dec 2021, at 2:38, mike queen wrote:


I appreciate your time and attention to my emails to you… To watch a film
on TV, respond to its narrator/producer and get an email back from you is
quite amazing… if you like I’m happy to have further dialogue with
you… I expect you are a very busy guy and your time is limited
particularly considering you receive plenty of contacts from many

It seems your confusing my directness to call out and identify attacks
against the Christian that you and your film makes with you personally? I
did not say anything about you on the personal level as in daily living…
I spoke concerning as directly pertaining to the film content and what you
convey in it… on the other hand you did personally attack me by saying I
was not a very nice person and not a good Christian either…. ? Talk about

You didn’t attack me personally but you did insult the film and the scholars in it. I don’t think a nice person, or a good Christian, would approach it this way. I’ve had Christians who disagreed with certain aspects of the film (including some of the Christians scholars in the film) and they were able to do politely, without the attacks. The film didn’t attack Jesus or Christianity or Christians. It just told the story about how the bible came to be written. It was a gentle film, a nice film, designed for Christians to be able to watch. I expect you to be able to conduct yourself in the same way.

As someone told me many years ago –

Great minds discuss ideas.
Average minds discuss events.
Small minds discuss people.

A good debater discusses ideas, and doesn’t attack the product or the people involved in it.


Get ready for a road to Damascus moment… Why are you, Cameron persecuting
Jesus? SAUL thought himself doing well in persecuting the Lord’s church; as
you are… God is loving and merciful and like Saul He will give you an
opportunity to change your direction… He did that for me…

I’m not persecuting Jesus at all. The film actually talks about what is in the actual bible. If you don’t understand that, perhaps you need to read the bible more carefully.


Cameron, thanks again for your time and attention… I’m responding to your
last reply below….

On 17 Dec 2021, at 15:05, mike queen wrote:

Are you familiar with how Jesus drove the money changers from the temple
and how he insulted the pharisees?

Yes I am. I’m not sure what your point is though.

Point being, there was no nicer person than Jesus and He said and done
things that some was offended by so does that mean he wasnt a nice person?
Your film is the equivalent to the money changers and pharicees…

Driving money changers from the temple was NOT a nice thing to do. It was a terrible and mean thing to do. They were just trying to earn a living. And the role they played was important. Jews visiting the temple from outside of Judaea for the Passover, but who only had Roman and Greek coins, needed to change them into Jewish shekels before they could make a sacrifice to Yahweh. Jesus basically ruined Passover for these Jews, not to mention ruining the money changer’s business. They had done nothing wrong. By the way, the whole story is ridiculous. The temple was surrounded by soldiers. If Jesus had done anything of the sort, he would have been run though with a sword within minutes.


Paul called out the sorcerer lady when
she spoke of Jesus inappropriately.. But then your film is not favorable of
Paul either…

Still don’t know what your point is, sorry.

I called you and your film out for what it is…. You, your film speak
about Jesus as authorities but you dont believe in Him, therefore I called
you out on that…

Again, we’re only talking about what’s in the actual bible. If you don’t like the stories, then take it up with the bible.


You cant be a true believer and deny who Christ was or is…. PhD and
scholarly opinions mean nothing when they denied who Christ is and being
born of a virgin…

They didn’t deny who he is. They explained the context of what the Messiah
was to the Jews and how Jesus doesn’t fit that description.
And the “virgin” idea was the result of Matthew not being able to read
Hebrew. Again, these are mainstream ideas in NT scholarship.

Your entire film is about denying who Jesus is…. Correct, Jesus did not
fit the Kind of Messiah they wanted or expected… Virgin Idea? It’s one
thing to say you dont believe it and quite another to suggest that
scripture does not confirm it…. There are plenty of scriptural references
to the virgin birth! Discrediting what scripture says about the virgin
birth is a fallacy of secular carnal scholarship and not at all consistent
with sound Biblical hermeneutics…

The Hebrew Scriptures do not confirm the virgin story. Ask any Jewish scholar or NT scholar, for that matter. Your lack of knowledge about the bible is the problem here, not our film.


Again, you want to pick and choose scripture out of
context… No true Christian or Christian Phds or Scholars would produce a
film that attacks and delegitimizes who Jesus the Messiah is…

Alas, that’s a “No True Scotsman” fallacy. Who gave you the authority to
decide who is and who isn’t a “true Christian”?
I didn’t say I was a believer, Mike. I said roughly half of the PhD
scholars in the film are

Scripture says that any who deny Christ are false… So, that’s pretty
simple…. a apple tree will not produce oranges nor will a true christian
express heretical beliefs… A believer? That’s very generic… Scripture
says the devils believe and tremble but that certainly does not qualify
them as true believers… Only God Himself is the authority on true
believers but He has given to us in His Word how to discern false

I’m only interested discussing Christian history. I have zero interest in your ideas about theology.


That’s all
anyone can get from your film…. Your enemies of the Cross of Christ based
on the content of what you produced…. Thats Ok but dont try to at the
same time project yourselves as true believers… You cant be true
believers and produce a film that purposely not only denies who and what
Jesus was but calls into question by PhDs and Scholars who you say are true
believers if Jesus really existed or not? That doesn’t make sense..

Again, I never said I was a believer. But half of the scholars in the
film are. Not the ones that questioned whether or not he existed though.
Those guys are no longer believers, although two of them once were. However
the film also stated that their view is fringe view in current scholarship.

You should have made it clear you are not a believer in your film… and
made it clear about your contributors also claimed believers or not…

Why? The film is about the bible and Christian history. It has nothing to do with belief. There was nothing at all about belief or theology in the film and that was by design.


But I
believe in freedom and fully support your rights and freedoms.. They are
given by God to all… I pray for you and all involved in the film to truly
be born again and allow Christ the Messiah into your hearts and know Him as
your Personal Savior… Thanks and I’m a nice person….

Are you sure? I think a nice person would probably send a nice email, even
if they disagreed with something. Is that what you think you did?

How nice was you and your film toward the inerrancy/credibility of Holy
Scripture? How nice was you and your film toward Jesus Christ as Devine,
infallible, and Savior? How nice was you and your film to true Bible
believing Christians and their sacred and sincere beliefs about Jesus, His
Holy Word including Paul and His writings? Not nice at all! Who gave you
the authority to decide I’m not a nice person Cameron? Do I think I sent
you an email that was going to make you feel good about your mochumentary?
No not at all… Your a big boy and you should be mature enough not to cry
when you get called out for attacking and discrediting Jesus Christ and His
Holy Scripture..

Again, I’m not interested in your ideas about theology. The film was about the bible and Christian history. That’s all I’m interested in.


You are a person of value importance; so much so Cameron that Jesus Christ
gave His life for you! Intelectulism can blind you from the truth of
Christ; that’s why Jesus said you must become as a child to enter the
Kingdom of Heaven…. Give Jesus an opportunity to reveal Himself to You
in a very personal way… Rev. 3:20

I think ignorance is a bigger problem, Mike. Especially ignorance about the history of your own religion.