Below is an email discussion I’m having with angry Christian Mike Queen.

Hi Mike

Thanks for watching the film and for taking the time to express your thoughts in an email. I sincerely appreciate both.

However, I have to correct a few of your misconceptions.

First of all, roughly half of the scholars in the film are believing Christians who have accepted Jesus as their personal saviour and teach at major biblical collages or in the religious departments of major universities. So you’re completely mistaken there.

Second, the opinions expressed in the film are the mainstream views of most biblical scholars today. That was the point of making the film, as I find many Christians are not aware of the current state of biblical scholarship. They don’t tend to reach the works of biblical scholars, and just believe that they are told in church – which is often out-dated and incorrect. Most New Testament scholars agree on this stuff, regardless of whether or not they are believers.

Now, of course, you are free to disagree with biblical scholars about things. But they have devoted their lives to studying these questions. All of the scholars in our film have a PhD in their field – either NT scholarship, biblical studies or ancient history.

And yes, I understand that Christianity is about faith and, as such, I don’t think Christians should be scared by the facts about early Christianity. They should embrace it, study it, be comfortable with it.

Lastly – I find it amusing and slightly sad that some Christians like you just use attacks and insults when facing something you don’t agree with. Didn’t Jesus say to turn the other cheek? Isn’t Christianity about love and forgiveness and peace? If so, perhaps you should try to be more like Jesus. Stop it with the hate and the anger and the insults and try to be a nicer person.

Cameron Reilly

On 17 Dec 2021, at 14:00, mike queen wrote:

Just watched your MTM so called documentary… it was like a high school
basketball game that all the referees was not only from the home team’s
school playing at home; but each referee had a kid playing on the team
also.. So, why would anyone be surprised or shocked when the visiting
teams best players fouled out and had to set on the sidelines and watch the
referees bring the the game to its forgone conclusion of a supposed win for
the home team… But was it really a win or a windfall?
Nicely done and formatted but I’m amused and entertained by how you; like
the moch trial of the Messiah Jesus Christ of Nazareth try to present your
mochumentary as objective and unbiased… lol. Accepting your presentation
as anything to be taken serious or nominally close to accurate would be
like going to a see a surgeon who really dont believe in his own abilities
or those who will be assisting him in the surgery… Get real! Your all
non-believers so how can you seriously expect anyone to take you serious?
Not one of your contributors including yourself have received Jesus Christ
as your personal Savior.. Yes, Savior… You are highly intellectual but
spiritually ignorant and totally carnal… What scripture did Jesus say he
would return before certain individuals would die? Are those His exact
words? Or was it they would see the kingdom before some die? He was and is
the Kingdom… “lest some hear and understand and are saved”… He is
talking about people like you and those on the mochumentary… He is being
somewhat sarcastic toward the intellectuals there…. understanding the
true meaning of the parable can only happen with one’s heart not mind
only… Jesus also said He came to bring a sword to the world, not peace
and that to be true followers of Him we must hate our own family? If taken
out of context these and other scriptures can be made to look unfit for a
faith of love and hope for sure… The full council of God is required to
properly understand which is not found in your mochumentary… No where
does scripture describe a ghost of Jesus… Jesus Christ himself is
described as appearing to Paul not his ghost… Paul’s writings were for
instuction and edification of the church where the gospels is the story and
confirmation of the Messiah… Two different purposes… Your arguments of
Paul not making references to Jesus as in the Gospels means absolutely
nothing… as matter of fact your entire mochumentary is nothing but group
speak echoing one other as biased/ bought off referees blowing your carnel
windfall whistles in a auditorium filled with like minded reprobated minnie
me’s ready to celebrate a marvelous overwhelming victory over an opponent
that was turned into a paraplegic before the contest began…
“CONGRATULATIONS”! What’s great about the Christian Faith is, “Faith.”