Hey folks, Cameron here. Just giving you an update! Tomorrow we start shooting my narration of the film. We finally have a version of the script that we’re happy with – and if you’re thinking “well shouldn’t you have done that *before* you started making the film?” – yes, you’re right, we *did* have a script, but it’s changed a lot since I realised we didn’t have the budget to let me make a 100 hour film. Now we have something a little tighter.

My job in the film is to keep the story moving, letting the scholars carry the bulk of the narration, while I just stitch it together and make a few jokes. We’re going to shoot my stuff over the next four weeks and then Sam can start editing it all together. There are some other bits and pieces to be finished – animation, maybe some sketches with actors, the music – and then we have a finished film which Torsten can start trying to sell to the networks. Hopefully you’ll get to see it before the Second Coming ™.

Thanks again for your patience and support!