My sincere thanks to everyone who helped make the Melbourne screening a success this week! It was lovely to see so many old friends turn up. Just a shame I didn’t have more time to talk to each of you.

It was a sold out screening and the feedback on the film was very positive. After four years, I have to admit it was fun to sit in a cinema and hear people chuckle and applaud. That partially made up for having to look at my fat head on the large screen.

The Sydney and Brisbane screenings are almost sold out too. If you haven’t bought tickets for them yet, please get in quickly.

The bad news, however, is that our initial screenings in the USA aren’t going to happen at this stage. Partially because we couldn’t sell enough tickets, and partially because Mother Nature’s sense of humour. Or was it Jesus? We might never know. Our “cinema first” release strategy is, apart from Australia, dead in the water. So our plan now is to try to sell it to an online video distributor so people can stream it or download it.

To help us sell it, it would be really helpful if you could take a minute to go to our page on IMDb and leave a nice review!

By the way, I know I still owe some of you some rewards like coffee mugs, etc. I’ll get those out as soon as I get through these launch events.

Until I see you next, stay safe, wash your hands, and don’t panic.