Since the film hit Amazon Prime and YouTube last year, it’s been a lot of fun to read the reviews that have come in. Most of them are either FIVE STARS or ONE STAR. So people either love it or hate it. Pretty much what we expected.

Another thing I expected is how angry most of the Christian reviews are. Although we went to a lot of trouble in the film to be as far and unbiased as possible, making sure that half of the scholars were Christians, and that the film wasn’t a swipe at Christianity, it wasn’t mean or sarcastic, but just tried to present the facts according to modern New Testament scholarship, the typical Christian response is to jump straight to attacking me and the scholars, or just write the film off as complete nonsense, or come out with the kind of response you might expect from a 14 year old, like “oh yeah, well why don’t you make a film about Islam, huh! See how that goes for you!”

The vast majority of them (with only a couple of exceptions) don’t even try to deal with the facts presented in the film. I’d have a lot more respect for the Christian reviewers if they could poke holes in the content of the film. Then we could have an intelligent discussion. And that would be fun and enlightening.

But, instead, Christians don’t seem to be able to conduct themselves in a… Christian way. The religion of peace and brotherly love seems to be mostly made up of people who are just angry and can’t deal with facts in a civilised manner.

So listen – if you’re a Christian and you didn’t like the film, that’s fine. I encourage you to point out any flaws you see in the facts or the logic contained in the film.

If you can’t do that, may I suggest that you think about what Jesus would do?